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JIO's 6G "ante portas"

Experimental antenna probably boosts 5G's network performance

06/18/2022 | Icon feather-clock 3 minutes

The mMIMO technology so far considers ONLY the beam management using sophisticated beam steering techniques based on digital beamforming (combination of precoder MIMO code-words for spatial multiplexing together with RF tappers)) and analog beamforming. However these techniques are microprocessor demanding solutions increasing the processing load and subsequently the gNB performance and inherent processing latency.

On the other hand the proposed solution reduces the processing load effort, transferring the beam management and steering necessity to the antenna hardware by allowing the gNB antenna to track a moving mobile phone user in the same way that a satellite. So a combination of beamforming and beam tracking facilitates the mMIMO load and improves the beam management feasibility.

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