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AI for Technical - Leaders - training - course

AI for Technical Leaders

AI for Technical Leaders will offer delegates the necessary knowledge to develop, deploy and strategize about artificial intelligence within their organization
Aimed At
Course Review
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You will learn
Course Outline
Training Format

Customer Tailored

We can tailor the included topics,tech level,and duration of this course right to your team’s technical requirements and needs. - MCNS offers courses to companies, institutions, departments etc and not to individuals as per open courses.
Aimed At

AI for Technical Leaders is a one-day course, designed for anyone within an organization that needs to appreciate the principles underlying artificial intelligence technology; understand how to develop artificial intelligence solutions & products; and understand how to deploy artificial intelligence within an organization.

This course is in general also suitable for anyone that desires to understand, deploy, and strategize about artificial intelligence, including members of governmental organizations, non-government organizations (NGOs), regulators, tech consultants, or tech investors, engaging with artificial intelligence technology.

Prerequisites: This course is therefore suited for business, operations, and technical team leads and members, responsible for implementing an organization’s AI transformation. No prerequisites are required.

Course Review

This AI training course allows participants to

  • Develop a general understanding about AI principles, technology, and capability
  • Reason about AI business opportunities, applications, and use-cases
  • Understand how to develop AI solutions / products, along with required data storage, computational, and software infrastructure
  • Understand how to lead an organization’s AI transformation journey
Course Benefits for individuals (Professionals)
  • Familiarization with the general principles of AI technology
  • Familiarization with ethical, responsible, and trustworthy AI technology
  • Ability to scope AI business opportunities for their organization
  • Understand how to develop / deploy artificial intelligence solutions within their organization
  • Understand how to strategise about artificial intelligence within their organization
Course Benefits for your Organization
  • Preparing for the future by appreciating in-depth the principles, potential, and opportunities of AI technology
  • Equipping your team with the necessary knowledge required to understand, develop and deploy artificial intelligence within your organization.
  • Keeping ahead by understanding how to strategize about artificial intelligence in order to maintain an organization competitive edge
You will learn
The key points you will learn through this course

AI Technology and Challenges

AI Impact, Applications and Case Studies

AI Zero to One

Course Outline
A short brief of your program details & schedule

AI Technology Overview, Capability and Challenges

  • Artificial intelligence overview
  • Artificial intelligence enablers
  • Machine learning based approaches to artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning and other state-of-the-art approaches to artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence capability

AI Technology Challenges

  • AI data and computational needs
  • AI robustness, fairness, and privacy
  • AI transparency, explainability, and interpretability
  • AI accountability, trustworthiness, and ethics/law

AI Impact on Economy, Society, Policy and Regulation

  • Artificial intelligence impact
  • Artificicial intelligence policy, regulation, and legislation

AI Use-Cases

  • AI use-cases crossing domains such as accountancy, finance, insurance, law, healthcare, government, and many more.
  • Scenario-based discussion involving discovery of the potential application of AI technology in various sectors
  • Business feasibility, technical feasibility, and wider ‘ethical’ implications

AI Operations

  • Data acquisition, processing and preparation
  • ML / AI model selection
  • ML / AI model optimization
  • ML / AI model validation / testing
  • ML / AI model deployment
  • ML / AI model monitoring
  • ML Ops architectures, processes and infrastructure

AI Solutions Development Options

  • AI solutions development options
  • AI solution outsourced development: pros / cons
  • AI solution in-house development: pros / cons

AI Transformation

  • The AI transformation journey
  • AI team development / training
  • AI/Data strategy development
Training Format

Instructor-Led Training

On-Site Classroom: 1 day

Web delivered (Virtual): 1 day

This course will involve a series of lectures, case-studies, tutor-led discussion, scenario-based discussions, demonstrations, and Q&A.

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    AI for Technical Leaders

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