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JIO's 6G "ante portas"

EU R&I Projects

The necessary evolution of mobile communications towards 6G and beyond along with the relevant corresponding technologies goes always through Research and Innovation (R&I) projects among different Universities, Research Entity units and Industrial players. MCNS is proud of participating is such consortiums and research groups as one Research entity unit

Innovation Tailored Research

MCNS is vividly seeking collaborations as being more than prompt and capable to participate in Research and Innovation (R&I) joined ventures and research groups for 6G and beyond technologies topics. As an active member in the EU and global research community, MCNS’s R&I focus is on innovative RAN networks for 6G and beyond following both, an evolutionary path through further enhancements of 5G advanced technology, as well as a more revolutionary path by investigating the benefits of promising technological enablers.

MCNS EU Projects R&I Details

3GPP and ETSI are one of the major players in the standardization procedure of 6G and beyond technologies. MCNS follows ETSI & 3GPP in all its research and innovation activities since long time.



MCNS’s expertise in EU Projects consists of but not restricted to:

Providing consulting services and proper technical guidance to researchers and Industries on how to get involved in standardization leading their ongoing research into proper potential standards integration. Being part of EU in the 6G evolution, MCNS believes and is active into building and participating into a fully interactive environment and ecosystem exchange between researchers, industry innovative projects and product developments, toward standardization procedures in the journey towards innovation

Acivating in the field of next generation non-terrestrial networks ( ). It is a matter of fact that the more the next mobile network generations are moving towards 6G and ahead the larger the spectrum and the frequency band needed, pushing the technology and the network infrastructure into the high GHz and sub-THz bands. This however has a direct impact on the network’s deployment and operational costs from both RAN deployment as well as transmission network capacity over full fiber optic infrastructures in both urban and rural areas.  Moreover in unserved and underserved areas the high demand on increased performance (in terms of bandwidth, latency, reliability, coverage, and connectivity densification) is besides of economically unprofitable also technically and essentially impossible. In order to support and extend the resilience and sustainability of next-generation mobile networks, the only viable solution is that of terrestrial and satellite (non-terrestrial) network merging and integration

Announcing its innovative research contribution into green energy and power transfer for the 6G and beyond RAN infrastructure. Being part of a few research groups globally, believes in the Wireless Power Transfer through microwave beamed long-distance (long-haul or long-range) technology, as an integral part of the future urban and rural network infrastructures. For further details please refer to the Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) section of the R&D activities

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EU Projects

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