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Wireless Energy transfer mcns research

Wireless Energy Transfer

Exploit all necessary details as well as potentials for a sustainable long distance (long-range) Terrestrial Wireless Power Transfer technology based on Microwave beamed principles

Customer Tailored Applications

Microwave beamed WPT is the ground-place for many conventional but also exotic and innovative commercial applications. We can specialize the research analysis and the development based on your request, meeting your explicit needs and requirements with further emphasis on safety and efficiency.

WPT R&D Details

By the term Long-range (sometimes referred as far field or long distance) wireless power transfer it is meant a technology for a point to point energy transmission system through free space that will eventually transform the world’s ability to generate and use power in the planet in a green and sustainable way.

MCNS’s WPT research is focused on the feasibility and reliability analysis of a wireless microwave beamed system which manages and efficiently converts electricity, produced in specific geographical area (mostly green energy from Windmills and solar cells) into electromagnetic energy, directing it from a phased array antenna transmitter in a highly directive microwave beam to a properly designed antenna receiver (also known as rectenna) where it is efficiently rectified back into usable electricity.

On the other hand MCNS’s development is focusing on commercial use cases under different scenarios with emphasis on safety. It is a green technology development on non-ionizing frequency bands keeping radiation around the microwave beam in a minimum level, definitely less than what is experienced with high voltage wire transmission where the generated magnetic fields are harmful.

As an overall MCNS WPT R&D effort is to research and apply microwave power beaming I to a commercial viable use case, tackling all the technical challenges for such an achievement.

WPT use case studies comprise but not restricted to:

Wireless electrical power transfer from the generating spot to the consumer grid in distance ranges from few hundred meters to few tenths of kilometers

Urban area electricity power distribution without disturbing the city infrastructure with the ability to connect several spot points

Remote urban electricity distribution for electric car’s charging points

Remote rural electricity distribution to isolated mountainous, islands, desert like environments or inhabitant areas of interest, saving cabling infrastructure cost and giving all the necessary flexibility for fast deployment and removal

Remotely connecting sea area floating Windmills to the shore aggregation spots, replacing expensive underwater cabling infrastructures and giving all the necessary mobility and flexibility

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Wireless Energy Transfer

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