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Research and Development (R&D)

MCNS R&D Unique Services

MCNS brings the 5G and 6G evolution into new fields like Satellite Space, Open RAN MAC design relying on Machine Learning Algorithms for 6G network efficiency, 6G Holographic Services as well as Wireless Power Transfer for green network infrastructure solutions.

MCNS effort in Research & Development (R&D) is dynamic, evolving and adaptive to the latest trends of mobile communications engineering field.

MCNS exploits some stand-alone research activities, however throughout the few years of its activity, is proud to become a valuable partner of some big global players like Intrasoft, Teledrom AB, OQtech and Skytales. It would be our honor, moreover better say be more than pleasant, to participate to some joint efforts for 5G and 6G technology, services and applications.

Our research provides the necessary scientific justification background for the sustainability of innovative but challenging ideas in the new 6G era, while its development effort guarantees the smooth and innovative integration into nowadays existing mobile operator’s network infrastructures.

MCNS R&D main contribution:

  • Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
  • Open RAN 6G Machine Learning based MAC
  • Next Generation Mobile Networks Holographic communications
  • 6G satellite merging

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MCNS from its very first beginning, understood the transformation power of Next Generation Mobile Networks in society and everyday customer lives. However this transformation poses major challenges in network infrastructure, functionality as well as service delivery.


We support and enhance research

People in MCNS are tasked with applied research in Radio Access scientific field for 6G industrial applications. Our contributions are moving fast into the fields of special 5G and 6G mobile telecommunications services driven by environment and energy sensitivity.

Our target is honor our collaborations offering the best product on the right time with high performance and added value based on our unique core knowledge and insight.

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