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The race to dominate satellite internet heats up

05/04/2022 | Icon feather-clock 4 minutes

Satellite Internet was always and is one of the greatest achievements the last decade. It has many advantages since operators can reach easily isolated geographical areas like mountainous areas, deserts and remote islands in the oceans and far seas. In such rally the winner tends to be the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite internet since on one hand the expected latency can be reduced thus maximize the expected throughput service, while on the other hand being closer to Earth makes it easier and cheaper to send many more sats into orbi. To leverage the benefit and eliminate the cost cube satellites have been proposed as the next step. Read more here

MCNS strongly believes that the 5G era will push forward the URLLC IoT services as well as the massive MTC services over LEO cube satellite, being one of the existing players in the market sharing knowledge and know-how for such network planning, deployment and optimization through project deliverables as well as specialized technical courses.

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