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Telecom sector leads the investment rally in US

09/19/2022 | Icon feather-clock 2

…“Wireless is America’s most competitive industry, and that competition continues to spur record levels of investment to build the world’s leading 5G networks,” said Meredith Attwell Baker, CTIA President and CEO.

Whether or not the US is leading the world on 5G remains a matter for debate. But it is certainly true that its mobile operators are throwing a lot of cash at their networks.

Just days ago Verizon revealed it has rolled out close to 8,000 virtualised RAN (vRAN) sites as part of its 5G deployment, alongside working hard to use the C-band spectrum it paid so much for last year; let’s not forget that 18 months ago the telco said it would spend $10 billion over three years rolling out 5G on that C-band spectrum. Around the same time, major rival AT&T said it had allocated $6 billion-$8 billion in capex over three-to-four years for the same purpose.

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