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MCNS in 6G Symposium Spring 2024

Southern Africa Wireless Communications

05/23/2023 | Icon feather-clock 10 minutes

Africa being a large continent, is indeed a big market with lot of potentials for LTE-Advanced and 5G deployment. Spanning from agriculture with iot applications to mobile users and domestic digital services based on fixed wireless(FWA).

MCNS can be a valiable partner on those aspects. Also from terrestrial to satellite 5g optimization and planning  services is of great importance in order to optimize from coverage to capacity sustainability and efficiency.

For further details please read the Linkedin post by Parallel Wireless and click here

#nbiot, planning, #iot, radio, LTE, 4G, mobile broadband MBB, telecom, telecommunications, agriculture, fixedwireless, 5G, Africa, #satellitecommunications, sustainability,

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