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5G to 6G Migration Network Design

Mobile Networks Security & Mobile Technology Battlefield Deployment Review

MCNS has successfully undertaken and delivered a full project delivery for GSM, 3G, LTE and 5G security and authentication procedures to protect military equipment and soldiers’ handsets from SIM and fraud hacking.

MCNS is really proud to contribute to the 5G deployment discussions with NATO Communication and Information Agency and military staff in Belgium for 5G military potential applications for both the battlefield as well as the Large Operational Deployable Headquarters (DHQs) and Small Operational DHQs, .

Our major project analysis includes some practical examples with on the job training for all potential mobile network technologies (i.e. 2g , 3g , 4g / 4glte and 5g ).
MCNS consultancy spans over the terrestrial and non-terrestrial network topology deployment, jamming, radio-communications and private networks, with some extra analysis on spoofing and IMSI catcher mechanisms as well as system security functions for secured communication both on premises as well as in a battlefield environment!

MCNS project consultancy included also topics related to Implementation of 5gnr in different types of spectrum and in multiple bands for cost-effective militarized private 5G systems, the study of mmWave 5G NR in military scenarios with emphasis on beamforming, and the analysis of 5G Proximity Services (ProSe) and Integrated Access #backhaul (IAB) for meshed tactical applications.


Our project deliverable and proposals were fully aligned to STO-TR-IST-ET-096, “5gtechnology : A Defence Perspective,” NATO Science and Technology Organization, Jun 2020.

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