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JIO's 6G "ante portas"

LTE-TDD C-Band RAN Redesign

MCNS has successfully undertaken and delivered a full RAN redesign project, moving the frequency band of “Rural Connect, Greece, Implementation and Support of Hybrid NGA” network from 3.6-3.8 GHz band down to the lower spectrum of C-Band 3.4 GHz.
The projects’ immediate goal was the frequency re-planning to a lower C-Band with total channel bandwidth re-configuration and antenna tilt and azimuth re-evaluation to support larger throughputs in excess of interference.
Interference reduction with the support of proper optional features (ICIC, IRC etc) was tested in the field and a final network configuration was concluded. Moreover the antenna MIMO enhancement was further investigated with 8×8 MIMO TM8 and 4×4 MIMO Transmission Mode 4 (TM4) beamforming and OLSM functionality, preparing the network for future 5G support.
Finally MCNS has participated into a proper vendor selection procedure, evaluating the network performance under different radio conditions.

LTE(4G) Radio Coverage

MCNS re-planning services support was based on a well-known professional radio planning software tool, considering all project restrictions on coverage areas, interference, number of populated villages and population percentage.

MCNS project technical reports and deliverables were:
• Propagation model and pathloss re-evaluation assessment
• Frequency re-planning for LTE TDD RAN in C-Band of 3.4 GHz
• RAN re-design with proper surgical improvements on antenna tilt, MIMO transmission mode and azimuthial planning in conjunction with interference reduction optional features
• Interference reduction optional features evaluation and report
• Participation the the technical report for the vendor equipment evaluation.
• Coverage and Capacity optimization to increase channel bandwidth to 20 MHz per secror by simultaneously increasing throughput in excess of Interference
• Antenna MIMO technology enhancement to MIMO 8×8 TM8 and 4×4 TM4, evaluating and concluding on the proper configuration and performance enhancements under different radio channel conditions

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