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MCNS in 6G Symposium Spring 2024

LTE-TDD 3.6 GHz Radio Network Coverage Planning

MCNS has successfully undertaken and delivered a full planning project, named as “Rural Connect, Greece, Implementation and Support of Hybrid NGA”, for a Greek Telecom consortium named as “Rural Connect SA” in Greece. This consortium is the joined effort of Netcompany –Intrasoft SA, Intrakat SA, and MCNS
The projects’ immediate goal was the planning, installation and operation of necessary LTE TDD infrastructure for fixed wireless broadband internet access (FWA), in order to achieve digital convergence for the most inaccessible rural areas of Greece with the rest of the country.

Radio Network Deployment

MCNS project duties were related to full radio coverage planning for Fixed-wireless broadband access network, based on 3.6 GHz LTE-TDD solution, for residents in isolated mountains and island regions of the country.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

MCNS planning services support was based on a well-known professional radio planning software tool, considering all project restrictions on coverage areas, number of populated villages and population percentage.

LTE(4G) Radio Coverage

MCNS project technical reports and deliverables were:
• initial LTE-A RAN coverage planning report for distance ranging from 4 km to almost 15 km
• Frequency planning with sub-sequent channel bandwidth of 10-20 MHz
• PCI and RACH root sequence planning
• RF propagation modelling for 3.6 GHz band in Rural LoS and non-LoS environments with different spatial (MIMO) antenna schemes and Huawei LTE-TDD technology equipments. Model decision was taken after repetitive drive tests and proper signal strength analysis
• Rural channel modelling, based on proper drive test measurements combined with mathematical modelling and analysis (Matlab based)
• Initial LTE-RAN capacity planning report, based on existing demographic population, considering also several different QoS profiles for IP and IoT Services.

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