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MCNS in 6G Symposium Spring 2024

LTE & 5G RAN network optimization

MCNS is involved in an ongoing RAN optimization project with full cluster optimization targets regarding optional features review, RAN cluster re-planning, RAN parameter configuration review, mobility and retainability performance enhancements.

The projects’ immediate goal is the planning and parameter configuration review, emphasizing on drive test results and performance improvement on several different KPI targets, reviewing all necessary RAN and E2E network reconfigurations.

MCNS project technical deliverables, among others, are:
• initial LTE RAN coverage re-planning review with emphasis on soft azimuth and tilt actions to improve LTE & 5G coverage, throughput and minimize pilot pollution

• RAN LTE & 5G NSA mobility and throughput parameter review and reconfiguration proposals

• RAN LTE & 5G NSA Huawei optional features review and activation proposals

• RAN LTE to 3G and 2G technology cell selection-reselection and handover parameter review and reconfiguration proposals to optimize Inter-radio technology mobility

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