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India Is Ahead of World in 5G Rollout, Says Ericsson CEO

01/23/2023 | Icon feather-clock 1 minutes

The chief executive of Ericsson AB, one of the world’s biggest makers of telecom equipment, said India is beating out the U.S. and Europe in the rollout of 5G network infrastructure, setting the country up for a boom in its home-grown tech industry.

Börje Ekholm said the global rollout of the gear to facilitate 5G–the next-generation network that can boost data transfer speeds and connect things as diverse as toothbrushes and factories to the internet–is still in its early stages. China is leading the world, while the U.S. is moving more quickly than Europe, Mr. Ekholm said.

“The U.S. has aggressively been rolling out,” he said, while Europe is falling behind.

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