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Ericsson CRS Power Configuration

09/11/2023 | Icon feather-clock 20min

Working for many years with Ericsson Telecommunications Inc. technology, it is well understood that Ericsson LTE/5G implementation should be aligned with 3gpp specs on major functionality and signaling interfaces. Still there are technical subjects where every vendor is able to build its own proprietary implementation simply because 3GPP does not specify explicitly the implementation guidelines but only suggests recommendations.
Such a topic is the lte referenceSignalPower parameter which specifies the LTE CRS broadcasted power level on DL. It is an important parameter for UEs to follow and use to estimate pathloss for RACH accessibility, DL power control etc.
Following other than Ericsson vendors (i.e. Huawei or Nokia ), they have implemented a direct referenceSignalPower parameter to allow operators to configure the CRS power level. Looking for such a parameter in Ericsson’s implementation simply does not exist, making many people coming from other vendor’s experience to wonder on how to configure CRS power in Ericsson technology.
To clarify things you are kindly requested to follow the provided pdf file. In this file a full description on 3GPP Pa/Pb parameters together with rhoa/rhob (ρa/ρb) is presented and then the Ericsson configuration on referenceSignalPower parameter follows with two comprehensive examples. The topic is finally completed by wrapping some useful optimization hints and conclusions up.
Hope to be helpful, comprehensive and that you enjoy the topic !!!

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