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5G mMIMO SSB beam power calculations

10/30/2023 | Icon feather-clock 15 min

According to 3GPP IDLE coverage is applicable to UEs in RRC_IDLE or RRC_INACTIVE states and can be defined by the ability of a UE to successfully perform the initial access to a 5G network. It is commonly referred to as network availability.
The first step in initial access is for the UE to sync in with the ran and decode the Master Information Block (MIB). This is done by reading the SSB, so a certain SSB power level with a fair SS-RSRP is needed to guarantee IDLE coverage.
It is extremely important for 5G NSA or SA planning to consider the SSB link budget in order to estimate the idle mode cell selection reselection and cell coverage.
The problem is that the SSB power settings and the SSB implementation is mMIMO related and consequently vendor specific (i.e. NokiaHuaweiEricssonZTE CorporationSamsung Networks), as described in 3GPP5GAmericas and IEEE.
This document explains in full details how to consider the Ericsson Networks FR1 single SSB sectorized beam coverage in 5G radio planning and how to estimate the SSB transmitted power for the cell coverage calculations.

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