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MCNS in 6G Symposium Spring 2024

5G mMIMO Angle of Arrival Performance Overview

04/27/2023 | Icon feather-clock 10 minutes

Continuing MCNS legacy in mMIMO technology, follows the third contribution to mMIMO beamforming for Space Division Multiplexing (SDM). The confusing aspect of beamforming arises due to its inherent association with the idea of beam directivity and SDM solution in cases of non-LoS scenarios. It is crucial then to realize how the Angle of Arrival and the directivity are related, how the smart antenna is able to figure out the direction of arrival and how to apply corrections to maximize the received signal from various AoA. So Classical beamforming vs directivity is our subject of analysis.

massive mimo, 5G NSA, telecom, telecommunications, 5G,

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